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Telltractorsupply.coCustomers who have purchased farm or equestrian equipment from Tractor Supply should be contacted. When you return, you’ll be placed into a drawing to win a $2500 gift card. – Win $2500 Gift Card – Tractor Supply Survey

The Tractor Supply online store ( is another option for making purchases. If you would like to participate in the Tell Tractor Supply survey, you may do so at

The company will also profit from the study since it will uncover opportunities to better the product or service in ways that will make customers happier.

To be eligible for a Tell Tractor Supply gift card, you must complete the survey, answer the questions, and leave feedback in the comments section.

How to Take Telltractorsupply Survey?

For more information, check out Tell Tractor Supply online at Please read the included instructions carefully before attempting to use your gift card.

To get started with the survey, choose “START SURVEY” from the menu. Next, enter the code printed on the receipt into the survey.

To proceed, please choose the “NEXT” option. Based on your prior interactions with Tell Farm Supply and the success of your previous purchases, we have already addressed some of your concerns.

In order to finish the registration process, we need that you give certain personal data. A Tell Tractor gift card will be sent upon completion of the survey, which may be used for future purchases.

Gifts and Rewards

Offering products and services that not only satisfy but also delight customers is key to the company’s goals. In anticipation of your future visit, they are accumulating your comments in order to improve their services.

Customers also have a fantastic opportunity to win a Tell Tractor gift card worth $2,500, redeemable at any of the company’s domestic retail locations.

Since we will be reviewing all of the replies, we ask that you please be as truthful as possible while answering the survey questions. You will also find the details of your “SURVEY Prize” stated on the receipt you get.

Rules and Regulation of Survey

  • A valid place of residence must be in one of the 48 contiguous states or the District of Columbia.
  • The age requirement has been established at 18.
  • Each receipt is limited to a single submission.
  • Participation will need the creation of new email, postal, and phone accounts.
  • There is no financial outlay required.
  • Participants in the most recent Farm Supply Survey will be entered into a drawing for a monthly prize pool beginning in January 2020 and ending in December 2020. ( 11:59 pm ).
  • The award cannot be redeemed for monetary value.
  • No Tractor Supply Company employees are allowed inside.
  • You’ll need to be fluent in both English and Spanish.

About Tractor Supply Survey company

A nationwide retail business in the United States sells tools and supplies for a wide variety of domestic tasks, including gardening, landscaping, remodelling, raising cattle, farming, caring for horses, and even pet care. Since its inception in 1938, the corporation has made its headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee (USA).

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There are also generators, leaf blowers, power tools, lawn and garden equipment, and clothing for guys who work outside.


I value your consideration of my comments. I checked to see that the online questionnaire reflected the most recent data available. If you go to, you will get all you need to know about this. FAQs

  • If there’s anything I need that Tell Tractor Supply doesn’t sell, where can I get it?

Answer – Correctly answering this question would be to say, “Tell them that Tractor Supply is a one-stop shop that sells everything from tractors to the supplies they need to maintain their farms, ranches, animals, lawns, and construction sites.”

  • Is there a deadline for submitting our feedback on Tractor Supply?

Answer – You may take the survey as many times as you want. However, each receipt may only be included into one survey.

  • Sorry, I can’t vote because I can’t find my Tractor Supply ballot.

Answer – The survey code may be found at the top or bottom of your Tractor Supply receipt.

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